• Title : Hallym University holds Glocal University Vision Declaration Ceremony
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  • On May 29, Hallym University held 'Hallym University Glocal University Vision Declaration Ceremony' in the auditorium of the Life Sciences Building on its main campus.

    The Vision Declaration Ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests, including President Yanghee Choi of Hallym University, Executive Director Hee-Sung Yoon of Ilsong Educational Foundation, Governor Jin Tae Kim of Gangwon State, National Assembly Member Young Huh, Mayor Dong-han Yuk of Chuncheon City, Chairperson Jin-ho Kim of Chuncheon City Council, CEO Jin-oh Park of Kangwon Ilbo (Daily Newspaper), Chairman Jung-seok Kim of Kangwon Domin Ilbo (Daily Newspaper), CEO Jong-ryul Jeon of G1 News, President Heonyoung Choi of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Chuncheon, Executive Director Sung-ha Kim of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Chuncheon, President In-suk Hyun of Gangneung Yeongdong University, Vice President Im-soo Choi of Konyang University, President Young-sik Moon of Hallym Polytechnic University, and various other university officials.

    President Yanghee Choi announced Hallym University's vision under the name of ‘Hallym University Vision 2040: New Hallym.’ He outlined the university's plan to become the most innovative university in the world, referred to as a ‘K-University.’ He presented four core strategies to achieve this vision. They are reorganizing degrees and majors, introducing comprehensive AI-based education, establishing the university as the center of the startup ecosystem, and positioning it as the hub of the local community.

    Hallym University has restructured three major convergence clusters—the Research Institute for Data Science and AI, the Research Institute of Medical-Bio Convergence and the Hallym University Doheon Academy—under its umbrella to develop educational modules that meet industry demands and to offer entirely new and ingenious interdisciplinary majors. 3 major convergence clusters are reorganized into central organizations for education, research, and industry-academic cooperation. Hallym University is expanding students' educational options by gradually broadening the recruitment unit and introducing a meta-major department where students can choose their major after admission.

    Moreover, Hallym University operated corporate booths to provide opportunities to experience Hallym AI education solutions with companies such as Hanwha Systems, KT, LG CNS, Microsoft, Naver Cloud, ESTsoft, and Classum as part of Hallym Glocal University project PoC (Proof of Concept).

    Hallym University has been developing the Hallym Micro Campus (M-Campus) centered around Gangwon State’s 18 cities and counties, as well as industrial complexes. Additionally, it is conducting community-based programs widely spread across Gangwon region. Based on the establishment of the open innovation space 'Station C,' Hallym University actively will address industrial and societal issues in Gangwon State, thus promoting differentiated community-industry-academic cooperation.

    President Choi stated, "Hallym University aims to establish a global brand and become the most innovative university in the world. We are grateful for the interest and support for the Glocal University Vision Declaration Ceremony, as we strive to become a leading model of a global university."

    During the Vision Declaration Ceremony, a range of activities took place, including presentations on Hallym University's Glocal University initiative, the vision declaration of the Glocal University, the K-Higher Education Model, the announcement of AI education solutions, exhibitions by companies related to AI education solutions, tour at the Glocal University office space, and sessions on shared collaborative networks.

    By Hyunmin Park, International Cooperation Team, Hallym University Medical Center (