• Title : Hallym prepares gifts for Children’s Day using a Robot
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  • On May 3, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital delivered a special Children's Day gift to the pediatric patients hospitalized in the pediatric ward for the upcoming Children's Day.

    Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital used an autonomous delivery robot, which usually assists the medical staff with tasks such as delivering supplies, to give gifts to the pediatric ward patients with handmade comfort dolls created by the Anyang Family Center's All Family Volunteer Group.

    The Anyang Family Center donated 60 comfort dolls the previous day to console the weary children from hospital life. These comfort dolls are known to provide emotional stability, alleviate anxiety, help sleeping, and have an overall positive effect on the children's treatment.

    On this day, the unexpected gifts and the appearance of the robot brought smile to the pediatric ward. The medical staff and hospital members, who shared the gifts, offered small joys to the weary children who were exhausted from life in the ward and prayed for their recovery.

    Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital operates the largest number of medical service robots in South Korea (73 robots of 7 types), utilizing them for patient guidance, material transport, disinfection, multidisciplinary consultations, and home treatment management. In just a year and eight months since the use, the robots have completed over 30,000 services, making the hospital the most proficient in robot utilization among domestic medical institutions. Currently, the hospital is leading efforts to standardize robot usage processes within the hospital and disseminate successful implementation know-how to other hospitals, thereby promoting the activation of the medical service robot industry in South Korea.

    By Hyunmin Park, International Cooperation Team, HUMC (