• Title : Dongtan opens Smart Healthcare Center
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  • On December 26, Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital opened Smart Healthcare Center that integrated Cancer Integration Support Center, Robotic Surgery Center, and Functional Medicine Center. Smart Healthcare Center has four counseling offices, consultation rooms, and test rooms. Therefore, multidisciplinary treatment, consultations, medical treatments, and test reservations, which were previously held sporadically at various centers, are now held in one space.

    Firstly, expert coordinators of the Cancer Integration Support Center guide and assist throughout all processes related to cancer treatment, including counseling and appointments, registration of severe cancer patients, hospital admission procedures, and even the process of returning home. Coordinators help both medical staff and patients facilitate rapid and precise treatment in the realm of cancer.

    Cancer involves various treatment methods and procedures depending on the patient. Examples are preoperative examinations, diagnosis, surgical procedures, post-cure management, etc. Therefore, the faculty of each medical department collaborates to derive the optimal cancer treatment through interdisciplinary cooperation. The policy is to systematically manage the patient's treatment process, expediting the return to daily life.

    In cases where robotic surgery is necessary, patients can receive detailed explanations about surgical methods, treatment processes depending on patient’s condition through the specialized coordinators at the Robotic Surgery Center. From surgical preparation to the actual procedure, patients can seek advice and assistance through counseling with the coordinator.

    At Functional Medicine Center, clinics related to aging, nutrition, and growths, and clinics associated with various chronic conditions and post-cancer treatment management, are interconnected. This collaborative approach ensures that examinations and treatments are conducted seamlessly in relation to various chronic illnesses and the aging, nutrition, and growth aspects following cancer treatment.

    In addition, smart lounge where patients can comfortably wait before counseling and examination is created inside the center.

    Professor Kyu Cheol Noh, Director of Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital stated, "The establishment of the Smart Healthcare Center holds significant meaning as it signifies a shift from fragmented department-focused care to patient-centered collaboration and an integrated healthcare system." He further expressed, "In the future, we will continue to do our best to ensure that patients visiting Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital receive comfortable and safe care."

    Director Jong Wan Kim of Smart Healthcare Center mentioned, "The Smart Healthcare Center has deployed specialized coordinators to comprehensively manage patients, including those undergoing cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and those requiring treatment for aging, obesity, and nutrition. We aim to provide personalized services to each patient and offer up-to-date information on examinations, treatment, and post-care to facilitate the fast recovery of our patients."

    By Hyuk Joo Lee, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (