• Title : Hallym designated as the tertiary hospital for 5th consecutive time
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  • On December 29, Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital had been re-designated as the tertiary hospital for the 5th time. The designation for Hallym Hospital has been successful for five consecutive times from the first phase (2009-2011) to the current fifth phase (2024-2026).

    A tertiary hospital is a general hospital that specializes in highly complex medical treatment for severe illness. A list of tertiary hospitals is made within 11 regions in Korea including Seoul, Southern Gyeonggi province, and Gangwon province. These hospitals are selected every three years by being evaluated on the factors such as manpower, facilities, equipment, medical treatment, and education.

    Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital has been doing its best to treat severely ill patients as the only tertiary hospital covering Anyang, Gwacheon, Gunpo, and Uiwang city in Gyeonggi Province. Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital put a lot of efforts into saving patients. During the severe COVID-19 pandemic wave, the hospital was the first in Korea to successfully perform lung transplant after the longest period (112 days) of ECMO treatment to a patient with severe COVID-19.

    In addition, Hallym Saver, mobile app providing communication system for paramedic in ambulance and personnel in hospital, was the first Brain Saver app in Korea to treat acute stroke patient. Hallym Hospital is using this app to treat severe cerebrovascular patients. The Cardiovascular Center of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital was opened to take the lead in treating extremely high-risk heart disease patients such as TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) procedures. Moreover, it is taking a leap forward as a leading smart medical hospital in Korea by establishing the DIDIM (Doheon Institute for Digital Innovation in Medicine) and introducing medical service robots, utilizing big data, and establishing a real-time patient monitoring system.

    "The designation of tertiary hospitals for the fifth consecutive cycle results from providing differentiated medical services through strict medical quality improvement centered on severely ill patients and patient safety management enhancement," said Kyung-Ho Yu, Director of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital. He also mentioned, "We will continue to contribute to the health promotion of residents in the southwestern part of Gyeonggi Province. Also, we will put more efforts to improve patient safety and provide personalized optimal treatment."

    By Hyun Min Park, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (