• Title : HUMC holds the inaugural concert of the ‘Hallym View-Ensemble’
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  • Hallym University Medical Center held an inauguration ceremony and a small concert for the ensemble of musicians with disabilities called ‘Hallym View-Ensemble’ in the lobby of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital on August 23.

    Hallym View-Ensemble was founded to support the disabled musicians who have dreamed of becoming professional musicians and to promote more job opportunities for the handicapped people at the same time. The ensemble is composed of four people, including a pianist with cerebral palsy, a flutist with visual impairment, and a violinist with developmental disability.

    At the event, about 50 visitors including medical staff, patients, guardians and local residents listened to the 9 songs including Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’, and ‘Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen’ arranged by Francois Bornet. A self-composed song called ‘Hope’ from the pianist is also included in the list of songs.

    One of the medical staff who participated in the concert said, “I’m so proud and feel rewarded since such excellent artists are now working with us as Hallym members.”

    “I’m pleased to seize the opportunity to perform in a stable workplace and good environment,” mentioned the pianist, Kyung Min Kim. She also added, “I want to present a performance of comfort and hope.”

    Han Byul Park, a flutist with visual impairment, said, “A brain tumor caused loss of my eyesight when I was in my third grade. Yet, I could dream of becoming a musician after learning the flute.” She also added, “I’m contented to make my dream come true with this job opportunity in Hallym University Medical Center.”

    Executive Director of HUMC, Hee-Sung Yoon, expressed, “We sincerely welcome the ensemble members who became Hallym's family." He also stated, “Hallym University Medical Center will continue to contribute in expanding employment for the disabled and improving social awareness with responsibilities.”

    Meanwhile, Hallym View-Ensemble plans to hold a regular classical concert for patients, guardians and staff members at five Hallym Hospitals affiliated to HUMC. The ensemble plans to actively participate not only in HUMC events but also in social contribution activities as well as external activities.

    By Hyunmin Park, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (