• Title : HUMC launches H-CORE to nurture future healthcare experts
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  • Hallym University Medical Center (HUMC) established the Hallym Creative Organization of Research & Education (H-CORE) on May 24, to produce talented medical experts and create an innovative organizational culture.

    H-CORE aims at helping its employees have knowledge and insights for the age of the fourth industrial revolution by providing systematic and extensive educational programs for all employees, not just for medical staff.

    The curriculum is divided into three categories: the digital competency program, the clinical competency programs, and research competency programs.

    In the digital competency program, it operates data science education under the big frame of Digital Transformation such as nurturing big data specialists and improving administration work in order to develop human resources accustomed to the 4th industry.

    The clinical competency program is affiliated with the Hallym Institutes for Medical Simulation (HIMS) in both Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital and Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital. Since the two simulation centers have the most advanced simulators for surgeries and treatments, the training program includes various types of high-risk surgeries, emergency situations, and medical tests. This program is expected to be useful for inexperienced medical staff to experience realistic clinical situations and upgrade their surgical skills.

    HUMC is also making efforts to strengthen its research competitiveness. In particular, HUMC is supporting the collaboration of faculty from basic medicine at Hallym University College of Medicine and faculty from clinical medicine at Hallym Hospitals to work on a single research topic in order to advance translational research into more practical joint research. In this regard, H-CORE will make efforts to expand and strengthen the research competitiveness by promoting practical translational research and by playing a leading role of securing research funds and conducting research in the future.

    “By establishing the most advanced training system, we will produce the best talents for the age of the fourth industrial revolution,” said the Director Kyu Cheol Noh of H-CORE. He added, “I hope that they will lead the future of healthcare and provide our patients with the best medical service.”

    By Hyun Ho Choi, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (