• Title : The 1st Service Activity of "Clean Volunteers" in Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital
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  • Clean Volunteers (Leader : Wonseob Lee, Administrative Vice-President of Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital) performed voluntary activities at "Heart Marathon 2007 for the understanding-improvement of developmental disorder" held at Yangjae Culture & Art Park on Sunday, Sep. 2nd, 2007.

    With its catch phrase as "To the beautiful world admitting a difference", Heart Marathon 2007 for the understanding-improvement of developmental Disorder" is an event that around 1,000 people ran together who were mixed with normal ones and people with developmental disorder, to spread out affirmative recognition for the people with the symptom of developmental disorder.

    Clean Volunteers were performing their roles at venue arrangement, event-guiding, keeping and giving-out goods, issue of record card and also doing their jobs at ER center and physical therapy center.

    Okju Eum, the head nurse of Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, said "We are very proud that we can start the volunteer activity at this honorable event to break social prejudice against people with developmental disorder."

    Clean Volunteers in Kang Dong Sacred Heart Hospital started on July, 9th, 2007 and 234members have joined in here. It comprises of 5 teams as Dolbomi(Medical healthcare), Vitamin(Education&Culture), Blue Signal(Traffic Environment), Fire Truck(Disaster Management) and Douri(Social Welfare) and then it plans positive voluntary activities to help the local community by realizing the meaning of "Clean".